Papa T's Darkside Karaoke

Show Times
Sunday at 8pm
Monday at 8pm
Tuesday at 9pm
Wednesday at 8pm
Thursday at 8pm
Friday at 9pm
Saturday at 8pm or after UFC fight

What makes Papa T's Darkside Karaoke the best choice for karaoke in Phoenix?

We carefully select our hosts. We have the best of the best so that everybody has a great experience when they come to our shows

What should I know if I have not been to a karaoke show Brigett’s Last Laugh?

It's all about fun. Obviously, we get great singers, but it is not just about having great singers coming out and putting on a performance. Karaoke is about getting together with your friends. On our app, you can find fun songs that you can sing. Getting the Bar to sing along with you can be a blast. Brigett’s is a great bar to have some cocktails and enjoy yourself. Our karaoke show supplies a fun atmosphere that can create great relationships as well. You can come in and you can meet other karaoke singers and just have a wonderful time. It's a great thing to do when you are getting off work. Our karaoke shows become a party night with a group of your friends. If you do not like to sing or you do not want to be in the spotlight, it is a lot of fun to watch as well. This is just a feel-good place to hang out at night.

So there's actually a community out there in Phoenix of karaoke singers?

Yes, absolutely. You should try our shows. You can meet some good people that have a lot of fun together.

Can the average person tell the difference in the sound equipment you use compared to most of the other karaoke bars in town?

Most definitely. Brigett’s  sound system is crystal clear. I know that sounds like a no-brainer like everybody should have that. But you would be surprised when you come and walk into some bars. The speaking or the sound is muddled, or muffled, or just doesn't sound clear. We have some top-of-the-line speakers, and our hosts are all knowledgeable when it comes to mixing the music. The sound is not louder than the singer, or like the music is not louder than the singer or vice versa. We like to make sure we dial it in. You have just enough reverb to make everybody sound good. Brigett’s creates a pleasant listening experience because bad sounds can be harsh on your ears.

Your hosts manage the sound for everyone to sound their best. What else do they do for the audience?

Our hosts are the emcees for your evening. They oversee making sure everybody in Brigett’s has a great time. They have clear, loud-speaking voices. All of them can sing themselves. While we do not want to have the show focused on our host singing the whole time. It is nice to know that the host can sing a duet with you, and our host is going to do a surprisingly good job at it. Or if there are only a couple singers to start off the night, the host can jump on the mic and sing a song, and it is to sound good. Our most important requirements for the host that we hire are approachable, entertaining, fun, and likable people. That is what we strive for. We do not want boring personalities, we do not want people that are put offish, or we do not feel are approachable. We want people to integrate with the bar you know and feel. When you come in to sing karaoke, they are going to know your name if you come in every week, and they are going to provide an enjoyable experience for you.

Do you have more than one host for Brigett’s Last Laugh?

We have 6 hosts covering seven nights of our shows. It gives you a fun distinct experience every night that you come in. That minor change can make an enormous difference. It keeps a host from getting stale. It keeps the customers feeling like it is just the same old thing every day. You get new personality six nights a week. You get the same great sound, same great songs, but you get a different personality hosting, which is in a lot of ways greatly beneficial. If you find a host you really like and that host works on Wednesdays, well now you know you are going to come every Wednesday to see that host. We like it that way.

If I want to show up for a karaoke at night, how do I get a spot to sing and do I need to show up before the show starts?

You do not need to show up before the show starts. You can get there within a couple of hours before the show ends, and there's a good chance you're going to get to sing. Some nights are busier than others. Bridget for example, on Friday and Saturdays they can have 30 to 40 singers in a night, so obviously the earlier the better. And then, of course, on slower nights you will have time to sing more songs and it really does not matter what time you come in you will sing a song. It is always advised if you want to guarantee yourself a spot in the rotation or if you want to guarantee yourself a chance to sing over one or two songs get there early. If you are early, then the chances that you can get a table, so you don't have to stand up are better. That's always advised too if you plan on being there for a while and want to sit, have a place to set your drink, or order some food.
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